Terms and Conditions


Business Support for UK Limited (BSFUK) is a Sales and Marketing company. We work in relationship with multiple Service providers from various business sectors. Our services include brokering energy, telecom, water, and Merchant Services. We work in between customers and the service providers. The company is registered with ICO and regulated by them.

The personal or business data that BSFUK processes to provide these services relates to its customers and other individuals as necessary, including staff, suppliers’, and customer’s staff.

This policy sets out BSFUK commitment to ensuring that any personal data which BSFUK processes, is carried out in compliance with data protection law. BSFUK processes the personal data of staff from the UK and EU and is committed to ensuring that all the personal data that it processes is done in accordance with current data protection law. BSFUK ensures that good data protection practice is imbedded in the culture of our staff and our organisation.


This policy applies to all personal data processed by BSFUK and is part of company approach to compliance with data protection law. All BSFUK member of staffs are expected to comply with this policy and failure to comply may lead to disciplinary action for misconduct, including dismissal. We also expect our sub-brokers or self-employed agents fall in line with company data protection policy hence ICO guidelines. Should the BSFUK understand the Data protection policy is not followed according to the training provided, the relationship with the responsible agent or the sub-broker will be immediately ceased.

Types of data>>

We can categorize the data we collect into two different types.

  1. Personal Data: An individual’s basic information that consists of the person’s Full name, phone number, E-mail address, signature, photographs, postal address etc.
  2. Sensitive Personal Data: This type of data may include, NI number, passport number, Bank details, Tax Identification number, VAT number. This may also include the below>>>


BSFUK processes special category data of clients and third parties as is necessary to provide legal

services for the establishment, exercise, or defence of legal claims.

BSFUK processes special category data of employees as is necessary to comply with employment and

social security law. This policy sets out the safeguards we believe are appropriate to ensure that we

comply with the data protection principles set out above. BSFUK also has a data retention policy which

sets out how long special category data will be held onto. 

BSFUK Principles in processing Data>>>

When it comes to processing data BSFUK takes the matter very seriously. BSFUK follow the below 6 principles in processing personal data.

  1. Being lawful, fair, and Transparent: Acting like the protector of the data processed. Company staffs are trained on the importance of the customer data and the legal basis on how to handle it. Company is transparent to its customers in what data it uses. Company has the policy of sharing the necessary information on what data it collects and how it does so. Also, what purpose those data are used for.

Please see company privacy policy on www.businessupportforuk.co.uk/privacypolicy for more in details.

  1. Documenting a Legitimate Purpose: The company may collect data for its employees, agents, sub-brokers, and customers/merchants when it is necessary. BSFUK does not collect data just because it wants to. It only does so when it is necessary and within the law.

Those Data is used in Confirming and fulfilling an order or other transactions, staffs’ payroll purpose, updating the agents on the service agreement submitted to the company, updating the customer or merchants on their service status, replying to the complaint or feedback raised by any party in relationship with the company.

  1. Keeping Data Accurate and UP to date: Making sure the data is accurately processed as required by the law. It is important that we recognize in case the wrong data processed and amend it immediately. The data protection officer is responsible for checking on regular basis if the personal data is up to date and accurate. The company policy is to check every 6 months if the personal data of company staffs, agents, sub-brokers are correct and up to date. In case of customers when ever we speak to the customer, we verify their data to make sure the data is correct and up to date.
  2. Only keeping Data for as long as necessary: BSFUK does not keep data any longer than necessary. When the business relationship ends with any concerned party, we dispose their data securely. But some of the data we must keep as a record that the business relationship existed with the concerned person. Some of the reason could be customer complaint, feedback, and tax purpose etc.
  3. Using the Minimum amount of Data:

The company only collects data that are necessary to complete the purpose. Please see our privacy policy on company website www.businessupportforuk.co.uk/privacypolicy to find what data we collect for what purpose.

  1. Respecting and Protecting Data:

The company has strong protection techniques within the regular process of the data. Also, making sure the members of staffs are following it on a regular basis.

The company measures include protecting the data processed by providing training to staffs, building IT security, and keeping the hard copies locked away. Company uses cloud to store electronic copy of the data where only the authorized person can access for a certain duration of time of the day. The company members of staffs are advised not to —-

  • Open any email that seems suspicious
  • Not to assume a person who they claim to be before asking the security questions
  • Not to click on a link which seems suspicious
  • Not to reply to email that are not familiar
  • Not to share data if it is not your responsibility
  • You must not misuse or steal data or pass data to third party
  • Company staffs must adhere to its privacy policy all the time

Individual rights Request:

At any certain point if any customer require access to their data, the company is happy to share immediately as required by the law. The individual has access to its data to delete or amend or add. For more in details on this please look at our privacy policy which you can find on our website www.businesssupportforuk.co.uk/privacypolicy

Personal Data Breaches:

Data breaches that we understand may include the below but not limited to.

  1. Sensitive information lying around
  2. One customer ‘s information sent to another
  3. Employee’s stealing data
  4. Loss or theft of employee data or the tool where the data is stored. For example, hard drive, copying data on separate device, or emailing it away etc.
  5. Allowing unauthorized access or use
  6. Poor data destruction procedure
  7. Human Error
  8. Cyber-attack or hacking
  9. Verbal disclosure of sensitive data

Consequences we understand>>>

Regulatory fines for non-compliance with the EU’s GDPR are much higher than under the UK’s DPA 1998 which preceded it. In contrast to the latter’s maximum fine of £500,000, GDPR introduced administrative fines of up to 4% of annual global turnover or 20 Million Euros (which ever is greater) and apply to both the individual and the business.

To avoid the above consequence, it is advised that we follow the company data protection policy appropriately. Failure to comply could result disciplinary action and dismissal from the position eventually.

Reporting the unusual activity>>>

Each of the BSFUK team holds the responsibility of complying the General Data protection regulations (GDPR). Should someone things of any loss of data, mis use of data, modification of personal data etc, – must be notified to the director immediately.

It is also advised, should you have any confusion on the GDPR or should any member of staffs have less understanding on this, please contact the responsible person and get enlightened on this. So that we can successfully fulfil the legal requirements of the data protection as a team.


Responsibility for the processing of personal data:

The directors of BSFUK take ultimate responsibility for data protection.


If you have any concerns or wish to exercise any of your rights under the GDPR, then you can contact

the data protection leads in the following ways:

Name: Mohammad Hoque

Email: mohammad.hoque@businesssupportforuk.co.uk

Telephone: 02037590551


 Data protection training is part of our every training session we conduct. It’s a regular process and if we feel or get to know any member of staffs or agent is not aware of the company data protection policy, they must attend a new session on this and get signed off by the data protection lead.

Monitoring and review

This policy was last updated on 20 October 2020 and shall be regularly monitored and reviewed, at least once in a year.